Heritage flour




Growing and milling heritage wheat in Cornwall for the keen and discerning bakers



About Cornish Golden Grains

Based in the heart of Cornwall, Cornish Golden Grains produces an ever expanding range of high quality Heritage flour for professional or home baking, maintaining the old time quality in an ever changing industry. We proudly stock local farm shops and a baking supply store.
The family run farm works on a low input system promoting quality before yield producing ethical, natural goods of local origin integrating crops to promote bees and other insects within a commercial agricultural setting.
Our signature wheat is called Orange Devon Blue Rough Chaff and historically was grown in the west country for its high resilience in the warm damp climate perfectly suited to our location.
The wheat is available as Wholemeal and as Rustic White. Milled on traditional stone in small batches to maintain freshness and quality. Orange Devon flour has a rich flavour and produces high quality sourdough; it makes wonderful cakes and biscuits. It can be used on its own or mixed with strong white to enhance the crumb structure.
The benefits of eating heritage grain are progressively revealing themselves. When you eat heritage bread it becomes a valuable part of your daily diet.