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This year to date

Hi all

A short rundown on this year.

We have grown Red Lammas wheat with great success and our signature crop Orange Devon Blue Rough Chaff wheat which has a lovely colour due to the excessive sunshine. Rye has also been an interesting new crop and has proven to be worthy addition to the farm. The spring planted wheat has been a little more difficult, great success with Orlans wheat but the April bearded has been far more of a challenge and will require much more work before it is ready to sell, this is due to the sunshine making the straw hard and difficult for the combine to cope with. The buckwheat is not ready for harvest yet but it’s looking good, it suffered from the heat which has delayed the ripening. We are just hoping for some good weather at the appropriate time so we can harvest it. We have had massive machanicle problems with the combine but she has done the job,

She’s about 60 years old so some issues are to be expected. We grew Beans in the wheat and rye to screen out after harvest, the flowers were great for the bees but the beans have created a few technical challenges. We look forward to presenting some of the new products on the website so you can enjoy them as much as we do. I have been eating rye as porridge and making flap jack with it, so keep watching and see what we can offer.


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