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Moving farm

I am sitting down looking out of the window at a very rare event, that is the sun is shining.

Moving farm in normal circumstances is a big deal as all hedges have to be trimmed and in good order, gates swinging and latching, fence's sound and stock proof and everything else has to be tidy and in good condition. It is normal to fix and repair things as you go but when you are leaving it all has to be done at once. This has been a very difficult winter for maintenance, although we got off to a good start it began raining in the autumn and the fields are to wet to enter with tractors and it is difficult to plant gate posts in mud but hopefully it will stop raining and dry up so work can resume.

On the new premises however it's a better picture, the winter sown crops are growing well and construction of the new mill room is well underway. The butterfly is a first sight of spring.

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