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Hi 2024

To all my friends out there

2023 is a year I am glad to leave behind,

It began with enthusiasm to redesign the running of the farm to be more efficient and study how to improve access to the products we are making. However in January circumstances changed beyond my control and I was forced to give notice to leave the farm so at the end of March 24 we will be leaving. It has become apparent to me that it doesn't matter what you do in life or how much you're actions can benefit others there are people out there ready and willing to pull the rug from under you even if it is of no benefit to themselves.

Within a day of giving notice I was offered a sort of partnership on a nearby farm so my work will continue and hopefully we will be able to offer a better service as more hands make lighter work.

Bad weather has caused the loss of many experimental crops and some in the multiplication stage , the dry start caused low yeald and the wet end caused losses in late maturing crops but we did manage to harvest some buckwheat.

A farm accident has caused great upset with a member of the team in hospital.

Winter crops have been planted on a wing and a prayer hindered by the obsessive rain witch is also making it difficult to get the farm ready to leave.

On the up side we will be free to build better premises with much better vehicle access and less restrictions on how the business runs, there will be a larger team working together and the mood is good.

I am aware of the fact this website has not been taking orders but that has been the least of our problems.

I am writing this blog looking out of the window at a storm that seems to have lasted three days hoping that as 24 has come in like a Lyon it will go out like a Lamb.

I wish you all the best for the new year and as soon as the storm passes I look forward to getting stuck in to create something great.


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Jan 18

Sorry it’s late but wishing you a healthy prosperous and successful 2024. Hope the person injured is doing better?

Don’t let people ‘pull the rug from under’ you!

I am still baking with your wonderful flour which I shared with 2 bakers - I gave them a few samples.

We hope 2024 will bring us to Cornwall so fingers crossed.

Very best and warmest wishes


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